July 26 to August 26

Fun workshops

Physical activity

Nutrition-based activities

Yoga sessions

UK Latin Community Summer Food and Fun Programme

We will provide fun and engaging filmmaking and performing arts workshops, offering a unique programme of activities for kids 8 to 12 years of age. The workshops include commercial dance, drawing, graffiti, yoga and meditation to help develop their skills grow in confidence and expand their imagination.

The programme provides food skills and nutrition-based activities, which will be delivered at each session. Students will then be involved in food preparation with simple recipes like fajita, salads and other simple, easily prepared dishes.  We will also be providing yoga sessions and meditation. Storytime, yoga, acro-yoga will increase, improve and motivate creativity, trust and teamwork. Mindfulness and meditation will help them to improve their concentration skills, maintain and encourage a healthy lifestyle and well-being in general.

We have 2 locations: Greenwich and Lambeth


We have 2 locations: Greenwich and Lambeth,
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